2017 Artists & Makers

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Artists and creative makers include:

Jennifer Balink, block prints and cyanotypes (www.larksomegoods.com)

Mary Bowman, painting, jewelry, glasswork (www.cosmiccaravan.com)

Melissa Bridgman, Bridgman Pottery (www.bridgmanpottery.com)

Greg Cravens, caricature drawings (www.cravenscartoonist.com)

Mitchell Dunn, hand-drawn home portraits by commission

Lewis Feibelman, fine art (represented by Nikii Richey) (lewisfeibelman.com)

Lela Gerald, small batch pepper jelly

Hollywood Bakery, artisan dog treats (www.hollywoodfeed.com)

Kristen Keegan, Good Egg Jewelry (www.goodeggjewelry.com)

Mary-Ellen Kelly, photographs and mixed media work (maryellenkellydesign.com)

Mallory Key, pet portraits (www.mallorykeyportraits.com)

Marilyn League, fiber art (including quilts)

Brittany Lewis, prints and illustrations (blewisarts.com)

Me & Mrs. Jones, vintage home goods (www.mrsjonespaintedfinishes.com)

Peter Melonas, drawings and illustrations

Jeanne Reynolds, fine art

Southern Creed, creative accessories (http://www.southerncreed.com)

Debi Vincent (https://www.instagram.com/debiavincentart/)

Dale Dauphinais Wall, Junky Alouette mixed media work